WebsiteHall offers optimized and Managed WordPress Hosting solutions that keep your WordPress up and running securely. Content Delivery Network (CDN) is available on all plans, this means content is served from servers closest to your visitors. Partnering with CloudFlare, you can now get faster and safer web sites with a single click, and your web traffic will be routed through CloudFlare global network which is powered by 13 data centers around the world: USA, Europe, Asia. This give us the ability to offer you maximum reliability through redundant network connectivity and security you need to ensure your website is always accessible to your users.

WebsiteHall is a full service web technology company that delivers WordPress hosting solutions for customers looking for the customizability of WordPress and the convenience of a hosted solution. WebsiteHall is made up of expert web developers, system engineers, security specialist, network adminstrator, WordPress Professional, IT consultants and is engaged with clients worldwide. Specializing in optimizing WordPress websites, WebsiteHall always work with the latest web technologies, highest quality server-grade web hosting platform.

WebsiteHall is your outsourced web team, with the capabilities to handle every aspect of your web presence – from your server infrastructure, to the look and functionality of your WordPress website, to and ongoing WordPress maintenance. We are pleased to be able to offer the industries most reliable, advanced, and secure managed WordPress website. Look no further for a total WordPress solution and highly scalable hosting platform.